Men’s Club Happenings

Just a few things going on this year with the Men’s Club and we invite you all to join and celebrate with us. Join us in the Year 5777. Join the Club.

2016-17 Planned Events

  • Back to School -Pancake Breakfast – August 28
  • Put up Sukkah – October 16
  • Suds-in-the Sukkah – October 20
  • Take down Sukkah – October 30
  • Fishing Trip – November 6
  • Hearing Men’s Voices – November 20
  • Annual Meeting – December 18
  • Chanukah – December 25
  • Men’s Club Dinner – January 7
  • World Wide Wrap – February 5
  • Hockey Night – February 23
  • Men’s Club Shabbat – February 24/25
  • Yellow Candle Boxing – April 2
  • Yom HaShoah – April 24
  • Shabbat Exchange – May 13
  • Congregational Cookout – May 17-18
  • FJMC International Convention – July 19-23

Co-President’s Message

The CBS Men’s Club is made up of a group of individuals dedicated to the growth of our organization and the building of a strong fellowship amongst the men of CBS.

The Men’s Club offers you many ways to participate in strengthening the synagogue and community by mixing opportunities for service with chances for men to interact both socially and spiritually.

Whether you choose to chair an event, join the board, or just show up; connecting with fellow Jews with a sense of purpose will improve the quality of your life. Together, we can do so much more!

Jeff Liss and Stuart Lenett, CBS Men’s Club Co-Presidents

Executive Committee

Jeff Liss and Stuart Lenett

Charles Starr
VP of Religious Affairs

Michael Brodsky
VP of Programming

Jeff Brown
VP of Membership

Alan Feinman
VP of Community Affairs

Blake Lenett
VP of FJMC Affairs

Jason Palmer

Elian Bar-Av

Robert Stoller
Immediate Past President

Dr Ben Cohen
Mike Falk
Sam Myers
Executive Committee Appointees

Dr Barry Aronson
Jeff Michaels
Dr Milt Nathanson – Parliamentarian
Robert Tankel
Directors at Large