Mission Statement

The Congregation has been established to build and maintain a synagogue – the Jewish people’s Beit HaKnesset, Beit HaMidrash and Beit HaTefilah – as a house of assembly, study and prayer. The objective of the Congregation is to provide opportunities through religious services, educational formats, cultural, social and recreational activities for the Jews of the community.

The Congregation is committed to the principles and values of Conservative Judaism. The synagogue is dedicated to the study of Torah which leads to the observance of the mitzvot; to the principle of Klal Yisrael which focuses the Congregation to reach out to all Jews irrespective of affiliation; to the State of Israel, Eretz Yisrael, which is seen as the historic homeland of the Jewish people; a spiritual resource for Torah learning; the center of a Jew’s liturgical attention; and for the ingathering of Jews – physically and spiritually.

Our History

Congregation Beth Shalom, affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, is located in Clearwater, just south of Gulf to Bay Boulevard on Belcher Road. Almost 230 families join together in prayer, song, and the celebration of life-cycle events in a true feeling of community.

The congregation was founded in 1957, meeting in private homes. Two years later it moved to its first real home on Coachman Road. Eventually its membership outgrew that location, and in 1977 the property on 1325 S. Belcher Road was purchased. A new synagogue, dedicated in 1992, replaced the original building. The late Rabbi Kenneth Bromberg was rabbi during those years of growth and development, both physical and spiritual, and his legacy lives on.

The congregation is currently led by Rabbi David Weizman, and Rabbi Danielle Upbin Weizman, who joined our synagogue in 2002. Congregation Beth Shalom has early services every Friday evening at 6:30 p.m., and every Shabbat morning  at 9:00 a.m.. A full Kiddush luncheon prepared by congregants is provided weekly. Weekday minyan is held on Sunday at 9:00 a.m., Monday and Thursday mornings at 8:30 a.m. followed by a light breakfast after the service.

The Congregation seeks to:

Transform the lives of Jews through the observance and teaching of mitzvot;

Refine the moral and ethical behavior of all people by Jewish mentschlichkeit demonstrated by Torah role models and Talmudic descriptions; and

Create a kehillah, a Jewish village, which molds a child and an adult into a responsible citizen of the world.