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Rabbi Upbin Appears in JTS Torah Commentary

Read Rabbi Danielle Upbin’s Torah Commentary in the last issue of “Torah from JTS”

“Hashivenu (Return Us to You),” from Rabbi Danielle Upbin’s CD Reveal the Light (2012)
When the going gets tough, who doesn’t pine for the “good ol’ days”? Even when those past realities had challenges of their own, we tend not to remember them that way. It is human nature to favor selective memory. Consider our ancestors in this week’s parashah, crying for the fleshpots they enjoyed in Egypt, the cucumbers, garlic, and leeks (Num. 11:5). Did they forget about the slaughter of their firstborn, the harsh labor, the separation of families? In a moment of hunger and thirst for something they didn’t have, they forgot that they had actually been slaves in Egypt.

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