At Congregation Beth Shalom, it is natural to speak of the future. We definitely have a deep respect for our past, our heritage, and for those who have gone before us. Our Ethel Honigman Religious School is rooted in our values and commitment to educating Jewish children, creating a safe, enriching, fun environment that they will cherish, and where they can mature into honorable citizens of our community. Our goal is to help our youth create lifelong ties that will connect them to Jewish life, culture, people hood and Israel.

We at CBS know that it takes a village to rear a child. Our professionals, teachers, staff, and volunteers are dedicated and committed to growing and developing our children and providing the tools, opportunities, support and mentoring each of them needs to blossom and grow.

We continue to utilize innovative curriculum and feature special events, projects and celebrations. Rabbis Upbin and Weizman, The Board of Directors, and the Youth Committee, are so excited to offer Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing!  and Shevet Achim: The Brotherhood at CBS.. This experiential education program touches the lives of girls and boys ages 13-15 across North America. The program uses Jewish teachings and practices to give teens a place to feel safe, articulate their deepest concerns, consider the impact of gender on their daily lives, have fun, and be ‘real’ with their peers. Meetings will be held monthly.

Our CBS story is one of family, fun, culture, heritage, education and Tzadakah. Thank you for being part of our family!

Karen Eisler, VP Youth & Education